Who is a FIDIC Adjudicator?

Who is a FIDIC Adjudicator?

If one was to consider this question strictly from a definition point of view, expertise is defined as the measure of advanced knowledge and skills of a person in a given field.

In FCL’s context, a Certified Adjudicator would be a person who has demonstrated their expertise after being rigorously assessed by FIDIC Credentialing Limited (FCL). The assessment framework is in part based on FIDIC values, better known as QIS. This abbreviation refers to the Quality, Integrity and Sustainability principles which FIDIC adheres to.  

Quality: FIDIC has long advocated for quality in the consulting engineering industry by producing and promoting quality management and best practice guidelines to help inform and assist the industry.  Quality, according to the FIDIC standards, incorporates all the key attributes of professional services including skill, experience, innovation, integrity, sustainability and best business practice, as well as a commitment within member firms to implement a QMS.

Integrity: FIDIC uses the term “integrity management” purposely and advocates for ethical integrity to fight corruption. Furthermore, an integrated management system as an approach to control and verify performance is highly valued. It begins with a firm’s commitment to a code of conduct on behalf of all its members and leadership which demonstrates this commitment in a clear and visible way.

Sustainability: Sustainable infrastructure is vital to better assuring Quality of Life. Key advisors who help determine the correct investment choice in this respect are consulting engineers. FIDIC with its partners, has proposed a new approach for sustainable urban development based on improved cooperation, new synergies and integrated systems. It is important to encourage the incorporation of project sustainability management principles and practices within industry policies procedures, procurement documents and quality assurance programmes. FIDIC has produced a range of best practice guides and information documents on sustainability.

How does this apply to FIDIC Credentialing’s certification programmes?

In terms of methodologies, FIDIC Credentialing believes in promoting solid principles and industry standards in the implementation of its certification programmes. The terms of reference for the FCL committees and the thorough manner in which the programme frameworks have been developed highlight these considerations.

In the case of the Adjudicator certification programme, FCL’s particular focus has been on highlighting the specialisation and expertise of those working in the infrastructure industry. This focus remains a key consideration for FCL and it has also sought to incorporate in the most holistic manner possible, the QIS standards.

It almost goes without saying that a person certified by FCL within this scope, would be strategically positioned, not only as someone who understands and is able to apply these standards, but one who would also be showcased as a recognised expert able to demonstrate an international expertise in FIDIC Contracts adjudication.

There should be no doubt that FCL certification requires effort and commitment.

A professional who aims to become an FCL Certified Adjudicator will need to demonstrate that they have the knowledge, experience and decision-making capacities to effectively handle dispute resolution at the international level. This certification exemplifies excellence as a total evaluation of the competencies of the candidate is covered both in principle and in practice.

FCL’s approach considers the global standards. It was important to ensure that those who seek this certification are adaptable, rigorous in their approach and able to work under pressure. This reflects the reality of the working life of an adjudicator who must address issues and complex arguments fairly and squarely, but must also understand the interplay in the terms and conditions of both the 1999 and 2017 editions of the FIDIC Standard Forms of Contracts.

Once certified, the holder of the FCL certification would have the possibility of being listed on the FIDIC’s President list of adjudicators which in turn, comes with an international recognition, including within the context of FIDIC’s more than 100 member associations and the fact that FIDIC has signed agreements with more than eight MDBs and IFIs.

Following the relevant protocols, a listed FIDIC Certified Adjudicator could be selected as an adjudicator for a dispute resolution case, or to participate as a member of the Dispute Avoidance and Adjudication Board. In addition, a Certified Adjudicator could also ask to be listed on their relevant country’s national lists.

This year, FCL is offering three certification sessions, notably in June, September and November. The September 2021 session is still accepting applications.  For further information on this programme, please apply via the programme page (https://fcl.fidic.org/our-programmes/adjudicators/). If you are however interested in being considered for future sessions or require more information, kindly fill out and submit an expression of interest (EOI) form; https://fidic.us2.list-manage.com/

For more information on the FIDIC QIS, click on this link: https://fidic.org/about-us/our-values

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