What is the added value of becoming a FIDIC Certified Consulting Professional?

What is the added value of becoming a FIDIC Certified Consulting Professional?

In recent years, the infrastructure consultancy sector has been changing and adapting more than ever before. This is due in part to the upheaval brought on by the global pandemic which left the world reeling just a few years ago.

In 2020, the average global GDP contracted by 4.5%. However, infrastructure investment is still considered as an effective way to achieve greater economic uptake. According to the OECD, infrastructure has become more resilient in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. While the crisis has brought a focus on soft infrastructure which has been used to maintain economic, health, education and cultural standards and social standards, hard infrastructure also matters.

The World Bank also considers that investment in sustainable infrastructure that promotes social inclusion should be promoted, as it believes that overall, infrastructure can contribute in the longer term to green, resilient and more inclusive development.

Despite or perhaps because of this contraction and projected expansion, construction and engineering projects have, and will continue, to require the expertise of professionals and specialists coming from multidisciplinary backgrounds.

FIDIC, the global flagbearer for the construction and engineering industries, has for decades engaged with the global infrastructure industry and continues to promote the highest standards in the sector. But is also recognises there is a skills gap. To fill this gap, training combined with the engagement of the best possible staff to help ensure that the business runs effectively is required. This will in turn positively impact on the implementation of better resilience measures and more effective business and project planning.

This commitment to raising the standard in the industry and challenging old systems are some of the reasons why the FIDIC Credentialing was created, with a mandate to help professionals optimise their skillsets and be further empowered to provide the best service possible within the consultancy services sector. By understanding the various dimensions of running a business to optimising the business model, a consultancy firm can run more efficiently and become more profitable in the long term.

Future leaders and young professionals are considered are the best example of how this works in practice. They are generally in the early phase of their careers, with very dynamic and great potential to positively influence the future progress of the firms they work in. The business’ success and sustainability can therefore be positively impacted by their participation and engagement.

FIDIC offers a certification which is specifically targeted at young career professionals. Previously known as the FIDIC Consulting Practitioner certification, it was considered vital that a change was needed to better encapsulate the spirit of this international programme.

Why did the FIDIC Certified Consulting Professional programme change its name?

Following a recent internal decision, the name of the certification programme previously known as FIDIC Certified Consulting Practitioner was modified to FIDIC Certified Consulting Professional. We believe that this name alteration will help FIDIC to better cater to the demands of the global market and empower individuals who have gained or are in the process of gaining business expertise within the infrastructure sector. It remains a unique certification as it offers young professionals a way to authenticate their newly acquired skillsets.

This name change was also implemented to broaden international outreach, particularly to better engage those working in engineering consultancy firms and the consultancy sector. Thus, we believe the modification to ‘Professional’ better reflects the needs of those qualified individuals who may be at the start of their career or who have a few years under their belt and are on the lookout for broadening their professional qualifications.

This said, it should be noted that all prior participants under the Certified Consulting Practitioner title remain valuable members of the FIDIC alumni and their previously issued certificates remain valid.

What is the new FIDIC Certified Consulting Professional programme?

The FIDIC Certified Consulting Professional programme is unchanged except for the name. It is a qualification which is suitable for aspiring young experts who are embarking on their careers in the infrastructure sector or who are engaged in a shift in their career focus after working for several years. FCL welcomes participants from diverse educational and multi-disciplinary backgrounds, who may be young or more experienced professionals.

It is especially worth nothing that to participate in this programme, there is no requirement to be a qualified engineer. This certification is suitable for those with demonstrable competency in areas such as marketing, business development, operational issues, risk management or human resources. The only prerequisite applicable to this programme is having three years of work experience in the consulting engineering and infrastructure sectors. It therefore offers an excellent opportunity to those in more junior roles to validate their skillsets.

Three FIDIC Certified Consulting Professional examination sessions are offered twice in a year. The examination is conducted as a single-phase exam which comprises of 60 multiple-choice questions, which should be completed within a designated timeframe. As the examination is conducted entirely online, you can participate from the comfort of your home or office.

What are the benefits of the FIDIC Certified Consulting Professional programme?

This certification acts as a valuable stepping stone for the industry’s future leaders to climb the corporate ladder, to stand out amongst their peers and expand their professional horizons. It could also offer an important validation as they progress in their careers. In addition to acquiring an internationally acknowledged certification, successful participants will become part of an exclusive cohort of certified professionals who have validated their experience in various aspects of running a consultancy practice. They will be distinguished by their proven competence to operate and understand the practical business aspects of consulting within the infrastructure industry.

To date, the FIDIC Certified Consulting Professional programme has certified a cohort of 29 professionals from 21 countries across the globe.

This certification presents an opportunity for participants to establish new connections and forge more robust relationships with our esteemed FIDIC alumni which comprises of over 1,000 industry professionals.

FIDIC understands one key issue affecting the industry is the distinct need for more gender diversity. In order to combat gender inequality, FCL strongly advocates for aspiring female future leaders and early career professionals working in the engineering industry to apply for this certification.

At every staffing level within FIDIC, women are well represented, owing to the key initiatives led by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council. FCL aims to further this progress by advocating for more women to apply for our international certifications.

Are you an aspiring future leader or an early career professional who is interested in validating their practical skills with an internationally recognised qualification? Do not miss out on this valuable opportunity!

If you are an employer working in the infrastructure, construction or engineering industries and you want the talent of your staff to shine and to encourage them to thrive within your firm, why not consider arranging a group examination session? FCL offers a discount of 10% for group bookings (with a minimum of 10 participants). When individuals become certified, they gain more confidence in their abilities, their productivity levels are increased and staff morale is boosted. Thus, they become an even greater asset to your team. International qualifications can also give your business greater credibility and recognition, plus they can be utilized as useful benchmarks in your employee appraisals. We believe it is important for companies to invest in the future industry leaders of tomorrow, and as an added benefit, this helps to  ensure that your company fosters the best of the best in the industry.

The application window opens on 4 September 2023 and closes on 13 October 2023. You can start your application today by visiting the webpage: Certified Consulting Professional

Get your international qualification from FIDIC in 2023!

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