What is certification?

What is certification?

Certification can be defined as formally stating or attesting through an official document that an individual is qualified to work in a particular profession.

From the FIDIC Credentialing Ltd (FCL) perspective, our professional certification follows along this track. We believe that being certified is about providing successful candidates with a designation of excellence. This means that the candidate has earned the assurance, through vigorous assessment that they have the qualification(s) to perform a job or task.

Certification has also been defined as a formal attestation or confirmation from a third-party that the person has met the criteria to be certified as an expert in their field of specialisation.  It can also be classified as a third-party attestation of a person’s level of knowledge, proficiency or skill within a certain industry or profession.

This is also considered as an impartial third-party endorsement of an individual’s professional knowledge and experience. This validation of knowledge also has the added advantage of increasing the specialist’s marketability, enhancing their credibility in their industry and improving their long-term career prospects.

Since it commenced operations early last year, FCL has been offering professional certification to individuals working in the engineering, construction and infrastructure industries. The expertise which is certified is specific to the person rather than to the company where they work or consult for.

FCL does not provide training. The certification programmes it offers are for qualified professionals already working in the engineering and infrastructure sectors who wish to demonstrate they have those skills that match the professional job requirements of the relevant sectors they wish to be qualified in.

While some arbitrators may already possess qualifications and title such as CIArb and be Fellows of various relevant institutions, a FIDIC certification has the added benefit of being offered by an international organisation with a global outreach spanning across millions of engineers globally.

FCL has various admission procedures which include registration and enrolment as well as the requirement to provide proof of educational and professional qualifications in order to be considered for our programmes.

These certifications are mainly exam and/or assessment based. This means that the individual must pass one or several professional exams and/or assessments to become certified.

It is intended that two more programmes, namely the Certified Consulting Practitioner and the Certified Contract Manager certifications will open for applications this month, joining the Certified Adjudicator programme – which is currently up and running. Applications for all these programmes will be shared with all interested persons in October and November. For those who are unable to apply this year, there will be more programmes opening up in early 2022.

Visit our programmes page for more information and to keep abreast of all our future updates.

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