What is a Consulting Practitioner?

What is a Consulting Practitioner?

First off, some clarification needs to be provided about the difference between the Consultant and a Practitioner before the reasoning behind the combined title is being offered as a certification programme.

A generally accepted definition of a Consultant is someone who has specific experience in their field or a person who gives professional advice or services. This implies an but also an in-depth knowledge that is specific to there area of experience

On a slightly different track, the Practitioner has been defined as someone who practices a profession or who is engaged in an occupation.

In the FIDIC context, the two terms have been aligned together to identify a professional who has three or more years of experience working for companies or firms, with a broad span that covers consulting engineering, construction and infrastructure – while at the same time not being limited to those sectors.

This is the first time FIDIC will be offering a certification that would cover those who are not necessarily engineers but who want to be certified for their understanding and expertise in commercial and operational issues, as well as in other areas such as business development, marketing, human resources and management of risks.

We live in a fast-paced world where advancing your skillsets is becoming ever more important for the forward-thinking professional who is keen to expand their toolbox and future prospects.

For decades, FIDIC has been engaged in promoting the new generation of engineers around the world. The Future Leaders Management Certification, previously known as the Young Professional Management Programme, is a strong reflection of this commitment. Previously, the programme was structured to strengthen the business expertise of young engineers and other professionals working in the consulting engineering sector, with the additional opportunity to build new networks with other professionals from around the world.

This new certification which is being offered by FCL is in some ways an extension of this but with a far broader application. The Consulting Practitioner is someone looking to demonstrate they have the skillsets needed in the consultancy sector, who may come from backgrounds that span from business to legal to engineering, to the wider sphere of infrastructure as a whole.

More information about the Certified Consulting Practitioner will be shared in our next articles.

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