The benefits of certification

The benefits of certification

Understanding FIDIC qualifications under FCL

Acquiring knowledge can have a positive impact on surviving the ever-changing global marketplace. Demonstrating your competitive edge in today’s market could also help to differentiate you from your competitors. Certifications can play a role in this respect and can distinguish you from other professionals.

There are many reasons why one should obtain a certification, however, we have narrowed it down to the top four reasons why obtaining a certification is vital for thriving in the industry, notably, for industry credibility, competitive advantage, recognition of skills, and compliance with current industry standards.

Certification is a qualification. It is about validating a skillset or expertise within your industry.

Industry credibility

New professionals join the market every day. What separates these new professionals from the established professionals are trust and credibility. Certification demonstrates credibility and your dedication to upholding industry standards, professional expertise, and the commitment to knowledge acquisition. Certification is the outward proof that professionals are industry compliant and can do what they claim they can do. With the ever-changing market needs, what competitive edge can you offer?

Competitive advantage

What separates you from the rest of the experts in your field could be the difference between the experience you possess and the one which your competitors do not have. Obtaining certification shows your understanding of the market, your delivery of the best results and showcases that you are continuously improving the set standards which would help to ensure that you are among the most reputable in your field. Establishing a solid foundation, using your skillsets and continually improving yourself will help to set you apart from the rest.

Recognition of skills

At this point in your professional career, you will likely have worked on many projects, learned a lot about the industry, been party to pioneering methods and gained knowledge about the protocols. But how do you gain credibility in the industry with your wealth of knowledge and experience? Certification is the gold standard which indicates that your skills are tried and tested and can be applied in the real world. Certifications indicate that you are aware of the most up-to-date tools, updated industry information and are committed to the delivery of quality work based on solid knowledge which is tried and tested.

Compliance with current industry standards

A solid knowledge foundation, up-to-date industry know-how, a wealth of experience and a continued commitment to learning and improving as the industry changes makes you one of the most reputable members in your field. By establishing your reputation, the qualification validation provided by certification can improve the prospects of gaining new clients and higher earnings. Certification is the win-win you deserve.

It is imperative that as your career develops that you continue to develop with it. A certification is an investment in yourself which often carries with it worthwhile benefits that can be experienced throughout your career. Pursuing professional excellence and developing a reputation by establishing yourself as an industry leader can put you ahead of your competitors and advance your prospects. With our FIDIC certification programmes, this will be all the more achievable.

Do you want to have the competitive edge required in today’s market? Applying for a FIDIC certification would be a step in the right direction.

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