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Programme criteria

The FCL Programmes are currently offered online. Practitioners will deliver course materials over the set number of hours needed to complete the course and examination requirements.

Candidates must satisfy the relevant programme criteria before they can apply for certification.

Certified Adjudicator

Gaining critical expertise in international adjudication processes

Certified Contract Manager

A certification program created to provide a better understanding of contractual practices

Certified Consulting Engineer

A unique certification programme building on best international consulting engineering business practices

Certified Consulting Practitioner

Competency development in business practice and management

Certified Trainer

Knowledge building programme for skills development and professional development

Future certifications

FCL will offer other certifications in the future

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FCL aims to achieve accreditation from the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) in accordance with ISO 17024:2012. FCL certificates issued prior to obtaining such accreditation shall not have or be deemed to have ISO accredited status and shall not be presented as such. Neither FCL nor its partners has an obligation to have FCL certification programmes recognised by any institution or organisation.