Professional development and FIDIC certification

Professional development and FIDIC certification

The infrastructure industry plays a critical role in the forward advancement of human development. From the building of bridges that spans across rivers, to linking underground tunnels that connect countries and at the macro level, inspiring housing projects which provide durable solutions for families in many countries, the world would simply not be the same without engineers. It also goes without saying that it is as a result of infrastructure development and construction planning that we are able to finance projects, build better and innovate new ways to connect globally.

Technology and sustainability go hand in hand. However, neither can happen or progress without the knowledge and planning to implement both over time.

This is one of the reasons why professional development is a vital aspect of this process. It is after all those who have the knowledge and practical skillsets who are inherently, able to implement these standards and innovations.

Our connectedness no matter where we are in the world is heavily reliant on information sharing and capacity building. We do not thrive when we live in silos but rather, when we learn, share and develop new approaches to tackling our common problems or challenges. Our humanity as a whole is advanced by communication and innovation.

Simple examples of this are how hard it is for many of us to imagine life today without mobile phone technology or access to the internet.

By updating and maintaining industry standards, FIDIC assures continuity and provides a blueprint for critical thinking within the consulting engineering sector. There are various aspects of this which are based on best practices, experiences shared by those working in the infrastructure sector as well by the experts who have, by virtue of their expertise, challenged, finetuned and promoted positive advancement in the industry. FIDIC has always sought to provide quality capacity building opportunities for professionals working in the industry.

But how can you prove you have the skills needed in these sectors? Obtaining professional certification can be vital in this respect. Aside from increasing your career prospects, personal development is a key ingredient for those who want meet the demands of an ever-changing work environment. A professional working in the engineering or construction industry would therefore be well served to broaden their qualifications and expand their knowledge base by gaining more qualifications.

FIDIC Credentialing Ltd. (FCL) was created to provide certification to qualified professionals working in the industry. These are individuals who have the requisite experience and knowledge and who, after studying from the comfort of their home, can prepare and take the exam(s) online when they are ready.

At FCL, we test our candidates in the areas of the certifications offered, on their competencies, professional experience and technical know-how.

It is critical to us that the person who is certified by FCL not only demonstrates their expertise in their everyday work life, but are effective at putting this knowledge into practice in order to improve their professional service and to ensure that the meet the best standards while working in that industry.

Although our certification programmes only began last year, we have received over three hundred applications from candidates spread across more than 50 countries and we have certified more than 150 professionals in that time. We believe this is only the beginning and we look forward to receiving your application for one of our five programmes in the near future.

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