International Day of Education and the role FCL certification plays in life-long learning

International Day of Education and the role FCL certification plays in life-long learning

24 January 2024 marks the sixth annual celebration of UNESCO’s ‘International Day of Education’. The theme this year is ‘learning for lasting peace’. It was chosen to raise awareness on the alarming rate of violence and discrimination across the world, and how education plays an integral role in maintaining world peace. UNESCO believes that: ‘Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility.’

FIDIC for its part, recognises and believes in the transformative power of education. This is why FIDIC is committed to capacity building across the globe for all those working in the engineering and construction industries. Capacity building for FIDIC is about enhancing the skills, knowledge and abilities of consulting engineers and professionals in the development of successful consulting engineering practices. FIDIC’s capacity building commitment is evident in the establishment of FIDIC Academy and FIDIC Credentialing Ltd. in 2021. FIDIC Academy offers training courses to those seeking to study and learn, whilst FIDIC Credentialing (FCL) is provides certifications to experienced industry professionals seeking to validate their knowledge and skillset.

Whilst FCL does not provide courses, certification is interconnected with education as it serves of an official means of validating one’s professional experience and knowledge. By becoming certified, a professional also gains an international qualification which demonstrates that what they have learnt over the years has great value in the market and in turn, shows the importance of expanding their educational knowledge in their field of expertise.

FCL recognises that education is not a one-time event; it is a lifelong process. Therefore, FCL requires all its candidates to engage in continual learning and skills development throughout their careers to maintain their listing as certificate holders. As part of their yearly renewal process, all candidates must provide evidence of CPD (continuing professional development), such as proof of attendance of workshops or training courses. This CPD evidence attests that the certificant is actively engaged in their specialisation and wishes to remain up to date in the industry. 

Sharing the gift of education and learning by teaching others is paramount to helping to elevate standards in the infrastructure industry. FCL is proud to have certified over 75 Trainers who are specialised on FIDIC materials and publications who do just that. Our Certified Trainers are senior-level professionals with experience in conducting face-to-face or virtual training with those working in the infrastructure, engineering, and/or construction industries around the world. FIDIC Certified Trainers possess three key attributes; a passion for training others, senior experience in the industry and a deep understanding of the relevant FIDIC contracts which attests to their skillset.

The FIDIC Certified Trainer (FCT) programme currently comprises of three main categories which include; FIDIC Certified Trainer of Contracts, FIDIC Certified Trainer of Adjudicators and FIDIC Certified Trainer in Business Practices. Each category has specific pre-requisites that candidates must meet in order to be able to participate in our exams.

Are you passionate about furthering your education in the infrastructure industry? Are you an experienced trainer with expert knowledge of FIDIC? The best way to validate this knowledge is with a certification from FIDIC, the global industry leader.

To find out more about the FIDIC Certified Trainer programme, including the fees and syllabus, as well as our assessment requirements, check out our  the webpage here.

The next examination session will be for those wishing to become FIDIC Certified Trainer in Fundamental Construction Contracts. The application window will open on 1 April 2024 and the exam will be held on 16 May 2024.

If you are interested in our other programmes, you can check out the requirements on our programme page and apply for the certification that would best suit your professional aspirations.

Make 2024 your year of excellence by confirming that you have the international expertise the industry needs.

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