Management board

FCL's governance, capital management, administration and commercial operations are overseen by the FCL Management Board, which is appointed by the FIDIC Board.

The FCL governance structure comprises a Management Board and a Certification Board. They provide critical guidance for the work of FCL.

The Management Board is responsible for oversight, management and reporting of the affairs of FCL.  It also holds an operational mandate, including fees setting and commercial management, in accordance with the laws of Switzerland and any other jurisdiction in which it and its subsidiaries, staff or contractors operate. The Management Board appoints the members of the FCL Certification Board.

Sir Vivian Ramsey

Sir Vivian is the Chair of the Management Board. He became a Queen's Council in 1992 and in 2015, he became an international judge for the Singapore International Commercial Court. Over the years, he has served as arbitrator, mediator and dispute board member. He is also a visiting Professor at King's College, London and edits Keating on Construction Law.

Luis Villarroya

Mr Luis Villarroya is the Vice-President of FIDIC and member of its Board. He is the President of EPTISA. He is a past President of TECNIBERIA (Spanish Association of Engineering Consultancy Companies) and a current member of its board of Directors. Mr Villarroya also serves as Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Exporters and Investors Club. He is member of FEPAC Board of Directors (Pan American Federation of Consultants), as well as the Spanish Advisory Council of the Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation (FCAS-Secretary of State for International Cooperation of Spain attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and member of the Strategic Orientation Council of ICEX Spain Trade and Investment (ICEX Spain Trade and Investment Institute, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism). He graduated from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and holds a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering.

Lady Julia Brown

Baroness Brown of Cambridge is an engineer and a Professor. For over a decade she has served as Vice-Chancellor of Aston University. She Chairs STEM Learning, a non-profit organisation in the UK. Lady Brown has held various leadership roles in industry and academia. She is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Dr. Nelson Ogunshakin

Dr. Ogunshakin OBE is FIDIC's CEO. He is an engineer by training and has more than 30 years of experience in planning, finance, delivery and management of major property and infrastructure investment projects.He has overall responsibility for FIDIC’s global operations and he is the Chief Executive of FIDIC Credentialing Limited.

John Uff

Professor Uff is the Chair of the FCL Certification board. He is a civil engineer with extensive experience in construction and geotechnics. He also studied law, was appointed a QC and became a Vice President of the London Court of International Arbitration. He is now an Emeritus Professor of Engineering Law at King's College, London and sits as an international arbitrator and adjudicator.

Gregs Thomopulos

Mr Thomopulos is a former President of FIDIC and former Chairman of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC). He was formerly a Chairman of the board of Stanley Consultants, where he concluded a career that spanned over 50 years. In the past, he held various leadership roles in the consulting engineering industry both in the United States and globally. Mr Thomopulos was the Chair of the FCCE Management Board.

Madam Dan Yang

Madam Yang is the Director General of the Facilities and Administration Services Department at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). She also oversees the Bank’s business continuity framework and manages various aspects of its institutional infrastructure. Prior to joining AIIB in 2016, she held various senior roles in the Asian Development Bank. She served as a procurement director overseeing ADB financed projects related procurement, and deputy country director for the People’s Republic of China Resident Mission. Madam Yang has intensive experience in operational and corporate procurement, and project contract management as well as use of consultants including engineering consultants in multilateral financial organizations given her long working profiles in ADB and AIIB. Madam Yang holds a bachelor’s degree in English Linguistics and a diploma in Development Economics from the Inner Mongolian Normal University and Beijing Normal University, China, as well as an MPA degree from Washington University.

Grace Bema

Ms Grace Bema is a civil engineer with extensive experience in engineering projects. She is a Partner at Brian Colquhoun Hugh O’Donnell & Partners (BCHOD Consulting Engineers). In July 2021, she was elected as President of the Zimbabwe Association of Consulting Engineers (ZACE). This makes her the first woman to achieve such a historic feat in the organisation’s 59-year history in Zimbabwe. She also became the Chairperson of the board of Mashonaland Holdings Ltd in 2020 and she is a board member of Kuvimba Mining House. Several years prior to this, she also served as a council member for Bindura University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe. Ms Bema holds a BSc Honors in Civil Engineering from the University of Zimbabwe, an MBA and a Master of Science degree in Sustainable systems from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, USA.

Certification board

The Certification board is appointed by the Management board and oversees the content and processes of the FCL certification programmes. It is an autonomous body with respect to the development, evaluation, supervision and administration of all certification programmes, policies, procedures and activities. It is responsible for establishing the certification and recertification eligibility requirements, certification programme planning, ethics and integrity management, as well as for determining the examination and other assessment instruments.

All the certification services provided by the FCL are overseen by the FCL Certification board.

John Uff

Professor Uff is the Chair of the FCL Certification board. He is a civil engineer with extensive experience in construction and geotechnics. He also studied law, was appointed a QC and became a Vice President of the London Court of International Arbitration. He is now an Emeritus Professor of Engineering Law at King's College, London and sits as an international arbitrator and adjudicator.

John Boyd

Dr Boyd is a former President of FIDIC. He is an engineer with a speciality in rock mechanics from the University of Toronto and the University of London (England). He was previously the ACEC Chairman and the Vice President of Operations of Golder Associates Corporation. For over a decade, he also served as a member of the FCCE Management Board.

Ron Watermeyer

Dr Watermeyer has a doctorate in Engineering. He has worked as a consulting engineer with over four decades of experience in civil and structural engineering services. He founded Infrastructure Options (Pty) Ltd in 2012. He is a visiting adjunct professor at the School of Construction Economics and Management at the University of the Witwatersrand

Bayo Adeola

Mr Adeola is a former Chair of FIDIC's CBC and a former member of FIDIC's Executive Committee. He is the Chairman of CPMS which he founded in 1998. It provides multi-disciplinary solutions to projects.

Stéphane Giraud

Mr. Giraud is the Chair of FIDIC's Capacity Building Committee. He is the Director of “Dams & River Works” at Egis Group, France. He is water specialist in the construction department. He has managed various aspects of large international construction projects funded by IFIs. He has worked as a Project Director on many major construction projects in emerging markets including India, Pakistan, Mongolia and Russia.

Vincent Leloup

Mr Leloup is the Chair of FIDIC's Contract Committee. He is an engineer with legal qualifications (English and French law) and 25 years of experience on international building and infrastructure projects across Asia, Africa, Europe and Central America. He is an experienced international dispute board member, arbitrator and trainer on construction contracts. He is the founder and Director of studies of the PgD International Construction Contracts course at Paris Pantheon-Assas University.

Husni Madi

Mr Madi is a civil engineer and the Founder of Shura Construction Management. He has experience in ADR and has worked on various large-scale construction projects in the Middle East. As a Trainer, he is seasoned in the use of FIDIC Contracts. He is Vice-Chair of FIDIC's Contracts Committee and Chair of FIDIC's Task Group 15.

Salvador P. Castro, Jr.

Mr Castro is a FIDIC Trainer. He is the Chairman and President of SP Castro, Inc. He is an accredited arbitrator and mediator of Construction Industry Arbitration Commission (Philippines) and a member of the Chartered Institute of International Arbitrators.

Lindy Patterson

Lindy Patterson QC is a Queen’s Counsel . She is an international arbitrator, adjudicator and dispute board member. She operates across many jurisdictions, both civil and common law, with a variety of governing laws. She has chaired a number of dispute boards, both ad hoc and standing, across the world and plays an active role in promoting dispute avoidance by these means. She is a member of the FIDIC President’s List of International Adjudicators. She holds the following fellowships- Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors; Chartered Institute of Arbitrators; Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors. She is a Member of ICE Dispute Resolution Panel.rbitrators and she is on the FIDIC President's List of International Adjudicators.

Henry Musonda

Mr Musonda is an experienced Dispute Adjudicator and a civil engineer. He has served as the President of the Engineering Institution of Zambia and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK). Mr Musonda has more than 30 years of practical experience in project management. He is on the FIDIC President's List of International Adjudicators.

Tian Feng

Ms. Tian is a member of FIDIC's Sustainable Development Committee. She is a General Manager at CHELBI. She has previously served as an FCCE trainer in China.

Hu Zhangxi

Dr Zhangxi is a Vice President of STEDI. Over several years, he has previously served as an FCCE trainer in China.

Michele Kruger

Dr. Kruger is Head of Advisory at MPA Mott and an Advisor to the Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation in South Africa. She holds a PhD in Civil Engineering and is a specialist in water and water waste treatment. She is the current Chair of FIDIC's Diversity and Inclusion Council and has years of experience as an international mentor.

Cosmin Tobolcea

Dr. Tobolcea is the Chair of FIDIC's Future Leaders Committee and a member of FIDIC Capacity Building Committee. He has a PhD. in Civil Engineering and over 16 years of experience in implementation or supervision of construction contracts in Romania and abroad. He is currently the General Manager of PROTOBY. He has published several papers over the years and is the co-author of 11 technical books in the field of engineering and consulting for water and wastewater. He has been involved in many infrastructure projects related to this field and he is the Vice-President of ARIC (Romanian FIDIC MA).

Jomanah Al Btoush

Ms. Al Btoush is a Civil Engineer who also holds an MBA. She has experience working in the water, wastewater, and environmental sectors as a Project Manager and Technical Leader. She has worked on various projects in Jordan and the Middle East. Currently, she is a Project Management Specialist in the Water Resources and Environment Office of USAID. She was a former chair of FIDIC Young Professionals Forum Steering Committee (YPFSC) and the RLQC. She is currently a member of FIDIC’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. In 2018, Jomanah won the FIDIC annual Young Professionals Award.

Chendong Zhang

Ms. C. Sonya Zhang is a Managing Director at HUALUN Consulting Co. Ltd. which is an engineering consulting firm based in Shenzhen, China. She has an MA in Econ. of Management & Information from Manchester University in the UK and over 13 years of engineering consulting and management experience. She is also an FCCE and YPMTP alum. She is a member of FIDIC's Business Practice Committee.


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John Uff

Challenge and Appeals Committee

This committee is responsible for receiving and considering challenges and appeals related to the examination and assessment processes of the certification programmes.


Further information on the Challenge and Appeals procedure for candidates can be found here:

FCL Candidate Challenge and Appeals Procedure



Professional Code of Conduct Committee

This is a working committee appointed by the FCL Management Board. It is tasked with developing, updating and upholding the professional conduct standards  of those individuals who are certified under any of the Certification Board’s certification programmes. It is furthermore tasked to investigate, deliberate and bring to conclusion any complaints about certificants in respect to any breach of professional conduct.

Programme Committees

These committees are responsible for setting up, administering and overseeing the requirements of each certification programme and dealing with re-certification.

Writing Committee

This is a working committee charged with creating the item-bank of examination questions which are pertinent to the assessment of FIDIC certification programmes.

Examination Committee

This committee establishes the requirements for the FIDIC certification programme examinations. They also administer and oversee the examinations requirements.

Code of conduct

FCL is fully committed to adhering to and maintaining the highest ethical standards and values for its Board members, committee members and certificants. Our compliance body is dedicated to promoting these principles within the organisation by assuring that every employee understands the importance of behaving and exhibiting great responsibility, competence and fairness towards their colleagues and clients.

Value of certification

FCL believes in the importance of promoting professional certification for qualified professionals.

Statement of impartiality

FCL is committed to impartiality in carrying out its programs, as well as in documenting its procedures and processes.

Challenge and appeals procedure

The Challenge and Appeals Committee are mandated to address issues relating to the examination process of the Board’s certification programmes. 

Privacy statement

FCL has a Data Protection policy in place which explains how we collect and manage data.

To find out more: please read our Privacy Policy.