FIDIC Credentialing Ltd is officially launched

FIDIC Credentialing Ltd is officially launched

FIDIC Credentialing officially launched on 1st of March 2021.

As a subsidiary of FIDIC, FCL will provide independent certification services to professionals working in the engineering, construction and infrastructure industries.

This is a momentous event in FIDIC’s history as FCL is the first ever subsidiary company it has created that will function as a credentialing entity.

Recognising this undertaking, the Chair of the FCL Management board, Sir Vivian Ramsey, expressed the view that “FIDIC Credentialing will ensure that quality evaluation and certification programmes are available throughout the world and all year round to industry professionals in the global construction and infrastructure sector.”

To get more information about this and to read the full FIDIC Press release on the launch of FCL, click on the link below:

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