FCCE CPD Notification

FCCE CPD Notification

The FCCE Pilot Programme announces the issuance of the:

“Management of the Continuing Education Programme of the FCCE”

27 October 2020

The FCCE Certification Management Board is notifying all the certificate holders of the FCCE Pilot Programme of the issuance of the document entitled “Management of the Continuing Education Programme of the FCCE”. This document provides information on the methodology for the FCCE Continuing Professional Development (CPD) process and explains the management, procedures, contents and credit hours relating to the CPD which will be offered by FIDIC.

This Management document was produced in accordance with Regulations of the FIDIC Certified Consulting Engineers (FCCE) Pilot Programme and approved at the 14th FCCE Certification Management Board meeting in Guangzhou, China. It is applicable to the FCCEs who were certified and wish to be re-certified by FIDIC as FCCEs. This document should be consulted and understood by each certificate holder before they apply for re-certification.

Attached to this announcement are the English and Chinese versions of the Management of Continuing Education Programme of the FCCE.

Gregs G. Thomopulos (signed)

Chairman, FIDIC Certified Consulting Engineer Certification Management Board

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