Announcement: FIDIC Trainers CPD Activities and Credit Hours

Announcement: FIDIC Trainers CPD Activities and Credit Hours

FIDIC Credentialing Limited (FCL) is the new certification body mandated by FIDIC to undertake assessments and awards certification of persons for a number of programmes which include the FCCE and the FIDIC Certified Trainer.

FCL certifications have a limited validity of three years. One of the requirements for recertification is for certified person to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) during the period that they are certified.

FIDIC Certified Trainers in China and around the world, will be required to complete at least 24 hours of CPD activities before their certificate can be renewed. A document entitled “FIDIC Certified Trainers: CPD Activities and Credit Hours Registration and Self-assessment” has been published to provide information on the process. This document also gives an overview of the activities considered appropriate for the CPD for FIDIC Certified Trainers and it explains the credit hours registration requirements.

All FIDIC Certified Trainers in China are requested to fully understand this document, fill in the necessary information, provide supporting evidence, together with a scanned copy of any existing certificate they may hold confirming they are a FIDIC Certified and submit them via email in a zipped form to the General Manager of FIDIC Consulting Services (Beijing) Ltd., Mr. Zhang Ruijie : ([email protected]).

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