FIDIC Credentialing Ltd (FCL) was established in Geneva, Switzerland in 2019 to offer certification and professional development services to various professionals and infrastructure industry experts wishing to broaden their scope of knowledge and expertise.

FCL is a subsidiary of FIDIC, but as an independent body, it provides examination and certification services for persons globally.

Successfully delivering quality certification services to industry professionals.

FCL provides certification services to individuals working in the global infrastructure industry. We examine and certify consulting engineers, contract managers, future leaders, FIDIC trainers and dispute adjudicators.

Our goal is to ensure comprehensive evaluation programmes are available all year round to industry professionals. Our dedicated team of experts and practitioners have hands-on experience in their respective fields of expertise, and are committed to providing both foundational and advanced learning solutions using up-to-date tools and learning platforms.

FCL's certification programmes and examinations are delivered internationally and recognised by the global infrastructure industry.

FCL provides certification services to international professionals and experts wishing to gain valuable expertise in fields of global consulting, infrastructure, contract management and the engineering industry.

FCL's authority to provide certification services is recognised by major clients in the infrastructure industry such as multilateral development banks and other leading financial institutions and development partners.

FCL is committed to capacity-building initiatives and to promoting competence which meet international standards.

The vision of the FCL is to provide high quality certification services to consulting professionals around the world. FCL is accountable to its stakeholders and clients and believes in a forward-thinking approach for capacity building and initiatives in the engineering industry which incorporate our values of quality, integrity and sustainability.
FCL believes in delivering quality services and management tools for knowledge sharing and has put in place a holistic framework to better implement these criteria.
Providing professional career development opportunities to international practitioners.
Competent, dynamic and reliable

Competent, dynamic and reliable

 High quality services

High quality services

Professional development

Professional development

Certification and evaluation

Certification and evaluation

Our global commitment

Since 1913, FIDIC has been proudly representing over a million consulting engineer professionals in more than a 100 countries worldwide.

Our People

FCL Operations team

Thanos Totsikas

As General Manager, Thanos is in charge of managing the day to day administrative affairs of the FCL. Thanos reports directly to the FIDIC CEO on all matters relating to the subsidiary companies and ensures the smooth functioning of the operational and commercial aspects of FCL's operations.

Daduna Kokhreidze

As General Counsel & Manager of Legal & Contract Services, Daduna advises on the delivery of corporate governance and compliance for the organisation and its global operations. She is a qualified lawyer with significant experience in global construction consultancy and the engineering sector. She deals with legal matters for FIDIC Credentialing Limited.

Maria-Blanca Trabazos

Maria is the FIDIC Accountant and HR Officer. She is in charge of managing all account payables and receiveables, and for ensuring that the financial operations run smoothly. She also oversees the human resources needs and payroll management. Maria handles FCL's day to day accounting and HR."

Folake Idowu

Folake is the Corporate Development Manager and is in charge of matters relating to credentialing, business development, corporate governance, communications, marketing and promotions. She has prior experience in diplomacy, international relations and media communications.

Lee Davis

Lee works as a Certification Coordinator. She deals with matters relating to credentialing, logistics and client management. She develops promotional and marketing strategies, managing administrative matters. She has international experience in education management, programme and project coordination, stakeholder engagement, NGOs and operations.

Nadia Van Der Waltova

Nadia is the Digital Marketing and Communications Manager. She has experience in communications, marketing and corporate sustainability. She is responsible for implementing and overseeing the overall digital marketing strategies for FIDIC and supports on FCL’s digital marketing and communications policies.


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Asel El Housan Founder, AEH Consultancy LLC

A consulting engineer’s role is crucial in providing a balanced and well-administered contract, and I believe training will enhance the capability and capacity of the engineers which will in turn, impact the overall industry globally.

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Adam Bialachowski CEO B-Act / Vintage Consulting

Participating as a FIDIC volunteer has allowed me to shape our industry and to learn from the best. I have found friends, mentors and business partners with whom my company has been able to successfully conduct business in Poland and abroad.

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Zoltan Zahonyi Trainer

Lifelong learning is the only way for a professional to stay updated, remain competitive and ingenious. This process of becoming a “trainer” or “tutor” is a significant and honourable step.

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Cosmin Tobolcea Chair of FIDIC's Future Leader's Committee

Since the beginning of my involvement as a Future Leader in FIDIC activities, Future Leaders have played a very important role both with regards to influencing the consulting engineering industry, but also in having a strong voice on issues that could impact the future of our industry and the sustainable development of the world. Simply put, the ability to engineer a brighter future adapted to the needs of the next generation.

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Salvador P. Castro, Jr. FIDIC Contracts Trainer

In my 40 years as a consulting engineer, my training and experience in using the FIDIC suite of contracts have helped me in the efficient management of contracts which have resulted in successful project delivery. Dispute avoidance is also among the learnings and best practices from the use of FIDIC Contracts.