A guide to becoming a FIDIC Certified Contract Manager

A guide to becoming a FIDIC Certified Contract Manager

FIDIC contract forms are internationally recognised for providing a consistent and reliable framework that is widely respected by the global engineering and construction industry. They provide an equitable balance as regards the interests and obligations of the employer, the contractor and engineer, while at the same time leaving space for flexibility and adaptability in their contractual agreement.

For construction projects, whether in the built or natural environments, knowledge of FIDIC contracts is invaluable. When it comes to both the technical terminology and hands-on engineering industry experience, it pays to have someone on your team who has the in-depth expertise. From the initial draft to the preparation phases, understanding how FIDIC contract forms should be used can help ensure that there are fewer hiccups in the implementation stage. In addition, proper use of the right contract for the project can have a significant impact on the project’s viability and overall success.

While the role of the construction project manager can vary and may depend on the project and the country, it is generally agreed that they are in charge of overseeing the project on behalf of the employer.

Over the years, FIDIC has taken heed of the growing need to provide capacity building support to those working in the industry. For this reason, it has sought to ensure that the services it proposes best match the needs of the professionals working in the engineering, construction and infrastructure sectors.

This is why FIDIC is offering a qualification in project management using FIDIC contracts. 

But who is it for?

A FIDIC Certified Contract Manager is defined as someone who has senior management experience in running a construction project during its entire lifecycle. This expertise is crucial not only for upholding the industry’s standards but equally, for ensuring that through personal excellence, the contract management expert can promote best business practices, whilst simultaneously advancing their career. This not only contributes to the overall development of the industry, but also serves as a formal means of validating one’s expert knowledge of contract management.

What are the requirements to gain this credential?

Here is our guide to help answer this question.

There are four steps to consider before you start and complete your application process:

  • Assess your eligibility:
  • Our requirements provide for two application routes.
  • A degree or qualification in engineering construction management, buildings, QS, accounting, law, or infrastructure development is required.
  • Between 3 – 10 years of professional experience is needed.
  • Knowledge of FIDIC contracts (Red, Yellow, Silver Books) is required.
  • Register and submit your application:
  • Click on the “Apply” button on our webpage to register.
  • Create an account on https://certification.fidic.org and submit your documents.
  • Pay the application fee so your submission can be reviewed.
  • Once approved, a notification to pay the examination fees will be sent.
  • After the fee is paid, you are ready for our exam!
  • Prepare and plan for our exam:
  • You can self-study for the exam at home.
  • A list of the FIDIC publications can be found on our webpage to help you prepare.
  • You can also sign up for our free sample test if you want to know what the exam is like.
  • Sit our exam:
  • The exam is open book, comprising of 100 multiple-choice questions.
  • It takes place online and must be completed in 250 minutes.
  • You must successfully complete and pass our examination.  

And voilà! Welcome to the certified life as a FIDIC Certified Contract Manager!! You will receive a digital certificate and badge from us which you can download and share with your network or potential new employers.

Additionally, you should be aware that:

  1. FIDIC Credentialing does not provide training, only certification. This means we validate your professional qualifications through exams and assessments only.
  2. On the webpage, the examination syllabus provides a detailed description of what you will be tested on.
  3. To brush up on your knowledge ahead of the exam, you can take part in courses relating to the FIDIC materials you will be tested on – as listed on the webpage.
  4. Participating in a training course is not necessary to take part in our exam, nor does it guarantee that you will pass our examination.
  5. If you were to unfortunately fail the exam, FIDIC Credentialing has an advantageous retake policy which would allow you take the exam again at a fraction of the original cost.
  6. Depending on your country of residence, a discount policy is also applicable to the examination fees.

Once certified, there are several benefits to holding this qualification. These include exclusive FIDIC events, certificant discount rates for our FIDIC conferences, as well as networking opportunities with the wider FIDIC community.

Currently, more than 130 individuals from over 52 countries have made the right decision and successfully completed our assessment to become FIDIC Certified Contract Managers. Why not join this growing network of industry experts and excel in your chosen field of expertise?

To apply, click on the link here to get more information on how you can be certified before the application window closes on 14 June 2024.

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