A growing demand for early career professionals in the infrastructure industry

A growing demand for early career professionals in the infrastructure industry

The infrastructure industry, which in the context of this article encapsulates the much broader and interlinked consulting, engineering and constructions sectors, is constantly expanding in both scope and outreach.

This industry within its wide ecosystem, plays an undeniable role in implementing sustainable systems as well as new technologies which help to improve our daily lives. From the planning and design to the construction and maintenance of essential structures which support and facilitate societies across the globe, young professionals have a role to play in the actualisation or these tiers. A recent analysis by McKinsey highlights the US$69.4 trillion investment requirement in global infrastructure between now and 2035. As there is immense growth in the industry, this is also expected to lead to a critical demand for innovative thinking and will in turn provide significant opportunities for young leaders to utilise their knowledge to prevent a skills gap and deliver tangible results.

Why are young professionals so sought after?
Early career professionals have a true potential to make the world a better place for their generation as well as the next one.

There are many reasons other reasons why engineering, construction and infrastructure organisations seek ambitious, young talent to join their team. Firstly, young professionals often provide diverse, innovative perspectives which helps to prevent complacency by sharing new ideas. As many are from the generation that grew up in the ‘digital age’, they can adapt well to new technologies and provide valuable training to those who are less familiar with such technologies, helping their team acclimatise to digitalisation changes which may impact their sector.

The infrastructure industry is tasked with addressing global challenges such as climate change and natural resource scarcity. Achieving net zero carbon emissions remains a major objective for many governments and businesses. Recent studies suggest that the younger generations are becoming more engaged in tackling these global concerns and may feel a greater sense of urgency to find sustainable and resilient solutions to tackle the environmental challenges the industry faces.

In addition to this, employers are willing to invest time and resources in young professionals. By fostering and mentoring a new generation of future leaders, this will in turn help to strengthen and support their business and its succession planning. Furthermore, by getting a certification from the industry global leader, FIDIC, a early career professional would be taking an important step forward to recognise and validate their skillset as a future leader in the business or consultancy firm that they are working in.

What is the FIDIC Certified Consulting Professional programme?

This is a professional certification programme which is aimed at early career professionals who have a minimum of 3 years’ experience working in a consultancy firm. These early career professionals and future leaders champion the highest standards in the delivery of the best possible services within the consultancy services sector.

It is encouraging to note that in order to participate in this certification there is no requirement to be a qualified engineer. Rather, the Consulting Professional qualification targets aspiring leaders from a wide sphere of expertise, such as those working in human resources, administration, legal, business development and marketing. The examination syllabus focuses on the following topics:

  • Governance of a consulting firm
  • Administration and organisation of the firm’s activities
  • Marketing & business development
  • Human resources management
  • Financial management
  • Client relationships and communications
  • Sustainable development
  • Risk management
  • Quality management
  • Business Integrity Management (BIM)
  • Contracts and agreements management
  • Diversity and inclusion

Our online exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions which takes less than three hours to complete. To date, a cohort of 57 professionals from over 21 countries globally have been certified as a FIDIC Certified Consulting Professional. FCL is proud of this diversity, which is a testament to the international appeal and value of holding such a qualification from FIDIC. The networking opportunities that the alumni are offered after gaining this qualification is also an important value-add.

It is evident that employers have a key role to play in this regard. Many have recognised the value of the FCCP programme by nominating their staff to enrol for this certification. This demonstrates not only the merit of becoming certified by FIDIC but the importance of showing the industry that they are also encouraging their staff to gain this seal of excellence which is beneficial both for the certificate holder and their employer and demonstrates a commitment to upholding international standards. 

More information on the programme and how you can apply can be found here.

The next FIDIC Certified Consulting Professional examination will be held on 5 March 2024.

Apply before 23 February 2024 using this link.

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